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At Avalon Renovables, we aim to become one of the main independent producers of green hydrogen and its byproducts in Europe.

We prioritize R+D to focus on the different industrial applications that present the biggest challenges to achieve decarbonization in production processes.

We collaborate with top-level energy companies
Avalon Renovables initiates collaboration with outstanding companies in the energy sector, focusing on developing and constructing solar projects.

Focus on large-scale projects
Avalon Renovables is focused on large-scale projects to produce green hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia, setting up collaboration with important financial institutions.

Sales agreements  
Avalon Renovables has made an agreement to sell two solar projects totaling 354 MW, both of which are already built and in business operations.

Portfolio consolidation
Consolidation of portfolio of projects involving green hydrogen and its byproducts, exceeding 500 MW in projects in development.

Extraordinary advances in several projects
Achievement of critical milestones, including favorable Environmental Impact Statement, Unified Environmental Authorization, granting of Prior Administrative Authorization for common infrastructures, and advances in processing and permits.

Joint Venture con Foresight Group
Joint Venture with Foresight Group with the aim of definitively driving the company’s initiatives for large-scale projects to produce green hydrogen and its byproducts.

Waste recovery pre-project
Presentation of the first pre-project including three waste recovery projects to obtain biogas from agriculture and livestock waste.

PERTE recognition for olive-waste project from the Spanish Government
5.5M€ grant from the PERTE program for a waste recovery project based on reusing olive waste, strengthening our leadership position in Spain in clean energy.

Avalon Renovables joined the Spanish Green Hydrogen Association and the Green Hydrogen Association of Andalucía

Q4 – September
Presentation of 490 MW of electrolyzer power
Avalon Renovables presented green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol production projects to the Government, totaling 490MW of electrolyzer power.

1st construction license for the Arco 8 Project (62MWp).

Q1 – September
1 GW in green projects
Avalon Renovables is preparing to present 1 GW more in green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol production projects, with land secured and critical points identified.

Avalon Renovables joined the Spanish Association of Renewable Ammonia.

RtB for 145 MWp of solar photovoltaics in Cádiz and Málaga.

Begin production in plants  
Avalon Renovables predicts that it will begin production of green hydrogen, ammonia, and/or methanol in its first plants in Andalucía, solidifying its position as one of the main independent producers in Spain and contributing to decarbonizing Spanish industry.


Pioneer and specialists in developing projects that produce green hydrogen, ammonia and methanol.